Transfer a File

In order to protect clients and contacts, Gateway Accounting Inc. must remain compliant under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act [PIPEDA]. To enable the sending and receiving of data and confidential information the consulting firm subscribes to the services of e-Courier for all client and contact informational needs.

Welcome to e-Courier!

To facilitate the clients and contacts in sending electronic information, or data files, background on e-Courier Services has been provided.

e-Courier, a Canadian based company, is often described as a virtual FedEx. It is really the evolution of e-mail and file sharing.

e-Courier is a web-based service with several benefits:

  • security [full encryption of text and data files in transit and at rest]
  • large file capabilities [multiple file attachments, each up to 2,000 MB]
  • powerful tracking with delivery confirmation
  • the ability to revoke a message sent in error [true e-Package deletion]
  • powerful e-Package forwarding [without the need to re-upload attachments]
  • Contact Groups [a quick way to manage collaboration, projects or even newsletters]
  • with all servers here in Canada, the client or contact does not have to worry about US Patriot Act issues!

Please note information sent/received using this service is time-sensitive. If you have any questions or reservations about using this service, please contact us.